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Game News

By authorisation of the Republic War Office:

*Static* Kzzzzt... This is lieutenant Drassin... Kzzt... The 95th have lost all Officers bar myself, we're down to under 10% strength. Send aid. Need assistance. Over.

*Static* Kzzzt... Commander Drassin, this is the aid to General Garza, do you read me? Over.

*Static* Y-yes, this Drassin. Over.

*Static* You are hereby promoted to Colonel, by order of the War office - Get us the 95th back, Drassin. Effect. Immidiately. May the force be with you, Commander. Make us Proud.

*Static* Y-yes, Ma'am. Drassin out.

*Drassin sighed and slowly looked around her*

"These are my men now... "

The 95th Infantry are a battalion of the Republic army, stationed on Ord Mantell, they were struck by a sith Ambush which left them crippled. With a new Commanding officer, one Colonel Drassin, they seek to re-build, and lick their wounds. They will be ready when the Sith make the next move, and they will be there when the next battle is fought. Even though they were crushed, they were not destroyed. And this time. They will be prepared, and they, will take vengence.

For the Republic!

Guild News

Guild Recruitment Video up!

random1994, Nov 12, 10 6:36 PM.
Come see the new Video for the 95th! Created by me! :D
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The 95th Infantry Battalion is currently in a re-building phase, and calling on all able-bodied Soldiers of the Republic to rally to it's banner. After it's decimation over the skies of Ord Mantell the 95th is in need of all men and women, all officers were killed when the Battalions flagship was do
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